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Always an interest in music, art, fashion, decor and bringing it all together...if only it were that simple! Sometimes the art is the focus, sometimes the shoes I am wearing, sometimes it's the odd picture placed with a lounge capsule. THIS is why I created a venue. Bringing together misc. elements in one energetic space at different

times, in unique ways, to make people feel their feels and find a place. 

Most of the time I am smiling, loud and simultaneously thinking about the next project-because a venue should never be stagnant. Trends change along with goals, interests and the neighborhood around you. That is what keeps this exciting every damn day.


I hope you feel good in the space we've created. I hope it leaves you with memories of the past and ideas

moving forward.


The one pictured to the right with the beanie + boots? My perfect pair!


I’ve been the Yin to Laura’s Yang since we wed in 2013. We actually met at a wedding, oddly enough. She was the venue manager at a space in Kansas City and I, the goof of a groomsman, was in charge of the iPad for music.

I’d like to think of myself as that robot in Wallie who is trailing behind making sure things are staying clean and running well. I bring a strange fixation on the feel and vibe of a place. From the lighting to the music to the temperature and cleanliness;

constantly adapting to ensure everything feels elevated but also approachable and relaxed.

Hats are my thing. Period.

Beanie, newsboy, flat bill, new weird one I want so badly to become a trend. I also like boots. And a tight pant.


Projector troubles? Call Casey. Music needed? Casey 16 playlist

is for you.



Spunky, extraverted maximalist with a knack for event day timelines and a love for all things romantic.

I used to be a wedding planner and after one particularly great event at Wild Carrot, I told Laura + Casey I would close my business if they hired me - and the rest is history!


Hair accessory, earrings, a bold lip and an outfit that could all pass as being on theme...a must.

On the clock - loves overusing exclamation points in emails, giving night tours and taking outfit selfies in the wedding party suite mirror.


Off the clock - hosting themed dinner parties, trying out fun nail colors and making a mess in the kitchen.


Part Event Director // Part Hype Girl.



I like to think that my

Broadway love, in particular love with Patti Lapone, is part of the reason why I mesh with events. Events are a show and production of their own - always in need of someone funny, present and ready to solve any "problem" with some flare.

I love a good tik tok video - bordering an addiction but in close tie with my love for cooking, baking and short pants with a cuff.

I started off as a barback for WC and then became the official temperature check/mask encourager during COVID for events where I found my strength-talking to guests to make them feel excited and comfortable with our space. So here I am!  Helping lead this side of the events with a space that makes me feel comfortable, much like I try to make the guest experience.

Coming up in rock n roll and almost accidentally finding my way to the nicer side of things, I met Laura & Casey when I was managing another bar in town.  Once I started working at Wild Carrot, I knew it was exactly my speed.  I love creating behind the bar and finding the perfect drink to meet people where they are, while also exceeding their expectations.  I love that we're so much more than your normal wedding bar! 


Want some weird amaro drink? I got you! Want something made up on the spot? I got you! But don't worry, if you just want a beer or a rum & coke, I got you too. 


When I'm not shaking & stirring, I'm often making or listening to music, expanding my sneaker shelf, or just reading in the park.  


One of my favorite parts of bartending has always been being included in people's most memorable nights, and being here lets me do that every single shift. If you want something specific or special at your event, or a custom cocktail, let's talk about it.  I'll see ya at the bar!





when you have 

free time

We are Laura + Casey 

met at a wedding. 

discovered mutual weirdness + creativity

started a Video company



it was called BURLAP

An event venue is a mesh of all things we mutually like

art-decor-beverages-creative space-the people


We are in a constant state of evolution with our space chasing a good cozy vibe.




Got married

Moved to STL

Started an event space because!




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